Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Delhi

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Most Common Problems for Which You Might Have To Contact the Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Delhi

A microwave is a delicate appliance. Used for heating the food or even for performing cooking tasks, these are common in modern homes and offices. Microwaves use the radiation energy for producing heat and these radiations have the ability to penetrate deep. For this reason, the items kept inside for warming get heated from inside, not just superficially. However, since the oven operates at high temperatures, it can cause severe radiation burns if not handled with due care and safety precaution. A Whirlpool microwave customer care in Delhi often receives complaints on these common problems of microwaves.


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Whirlpool microwave customer care

Whirlpool microwave customer care

The first obvious complaint is that it is not performing the heating task, the function for which it is most commonly used. This happens because of the non-performance of magnetron. This problem arises when the it is turned on when there is no food kept inside. This leads to burning out of the magnetron. Some other reasons could be problems in diodes, defective door and failure of the transformer.

The second issue for which complaints are generally received is that it runs and stops intermittently. This is also due to faulty door switches, defective touch pads or failure of motor movement.

The control panel of the microwave often develops snags. This is particularly true of the modern machines since the control panel is touch-enabled. This causes a lot of issues and the controls often do not work. This might require a complete change of the control panel.

Another commonly associated issue with microwaves is that of non-spinning plate. This happens when the rotating motor beneath the plate develops some snag and stops spinning. For bringing it back to normal functioning, the motor has to be replaced. If this is not done, there will not be uniformity in heating of the food and there are good chances that the products will get burnt out.

Yet another issue related to microwaves pertains to sparking. Once you notice a spark, the first thing to do is to  switch it off immediately. This problem can arise due to a number of reasons. These reasons could be worn out paint from inside of the oven, burnt diode or any other.

Irrespective of the nature of problem associated with microwave, common or uncommon, the Whirlpool customer care in Delhi ensures that the issue is resolved and the customer complaint is attended to in the best possible manner.

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