Whirlpool microwave customer care in Faridabad

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Common Maintenance Steps for Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Faridabad

Whirlpool microwave customer care

Whirlpool microwave customer care


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Machines work best when these are properly serviced and maintained. Be it the car or your kitchen or home appliances, all need regular maintenance. Some of these which are of daily use require immediate servicing in order to avoid a problem afterwards. Microwave ovens are one such appliances which need care immediately after usage. If some of simple steps are followed, these do not develop any snag for a long time. So, what is it that shall be kept in mind while working on these appliances. Here are some of the most essential activities that shall be done:

  1. Cleaning: Every time you have used the microwave, make it a habit to heat up water inside the oven and let the steam pass through its holes or vents. This will work to decompose the food particles or other stuff which might have got into these openings. Cleaning can also be done using the simple detergents and wet cloth. Care shall be taken not to use too hard a detergent for this purpose. If food particles are not properly cleaned, these can lead to sparks. If you notice that the internal paint is coming off, you shall make use of touch-up paint for this purpose. Besides internal cleaning, the external cleaning is also required. This can be done with a damp clothing and detergents but sprays shall be avoided.
  2. Inspections: If you ask Whirlpool microwave customer care in Faridabad, it would recommend that you keep checking electrical parts of the appliance. At times, due to overheating, the wires might get melted and these signs shall not be ignored at all. These periodic inspections can save accidents from happening.
  3. Noise Checks: When microwave is not functioning properly, it might make strange sounds. And, if it is already doing it, please ensure that it is switched off immediately and you call the customer support. Under no circumstances, if you have even an iota of doubt, shall the appliance be run if the noises are still coming. Also, if not fully aware or confident of how the problems are to be rectified in the microwave, it is better not to try on your own. Rather, it is advisable to wait for some expert technician to arrive. Even after the service has taken place, it shall be checked for proper functioning of all controls in the presence of technician.

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