Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Gurgaon

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Never Say No When Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Gurgaon Advises Off-site Repairs

Microwaves are common in modern kitchens. These are commonly used in homes and offices essentially for warming of the food items. While there are many other application of these appliances, the most general usage is of warming of food items. In offices that have canteens or cafeterias, these find extensive usage since these are used by a number of people for different purposes. Whirlpool microwaves are one of the most popular brands available in offices of modern cities such as Gurgaon. The customer care department of the company provides the backbone support for all matters related to these appliances. Whirlpool microwave customer care in Gurgaon provides all information, handles complaints and coordinates the efforts to get the problem fixed.


Name: Whirlpool Service Centre
Address: Gurgaon
Category: Whirlpool Microwave Customer Care in Gurgaon
Phone: +91-9811-3431-36
Website: http://www.whirlpoolservicecentre.co.in
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

On-site resolution

Whether the problem of microwave is to be resolved on the site or not is dependent on nature of problem. Most of the time, small issues related to washing and cleaning of the microwaves can be handled on the site. These do not require microwaves to be taken to the repair centers. However, there could be certain other problems which would warrant it being taken to the center.

Off-site resolution

Whirlpool microwave customer care

Whirlpool microwave customer care

If there is a danger that during the testing time, there is a likelihood of generation of good amount of heat, then this testing can not be done at the site. This has to be taken to the centre. Since microwaves generate a lot of heat due to high temperatures created by radiation, it has to be ensured that the equipment is taken to the site. At these centers, the repair and the testing work is undertaken with the help of special tools and with all safety measures in place to meet any eventuality.

Whether a problem is to be handled at the site or not is something which can be known either from the Whirlpool microwave customer care in Gurgaon or by the technician who visits you. If there is a need to take it to the service center, the demand shall be met after knowing the reasons for same. You can also check for what special equipments or procedure would be followed at these centers. The technician or the customer care representative shall be allowed to take a call and his decision shall not be objected to as objection can have serious safety implications.

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