Whirlpool Washing Machine Customer Care in Gurgaon

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What Whirlpool Washing Machine Customer Care in Gurgaon Shall Tell About New Technologies?

Whirlpool washing machines are one of the best selling washing machines in Gurgaon. Washing machines are an indispensible part of the modern homes where washing of clothes is not done manually. The usage of washing machines has always increased both in rural and urban parts of India signifying that these are now commonplace in both the rural and the urban regions. However, the company adopts a judicious inventory management principle due to which the most innovative, technologically advanced and multi-functional latest models are introduced in large cities ahead of the other cities. Since the technology keeps on changing fast and there is some new added feature in the machine all the time, it is important for the customer care department to inform the customers about these features and technologies. It is only after knowing these technologies will the people be able to appreciating the innovation and necessity of invention. So, what are the new technologies which the Whirlpool washing machine customer care in Gurgaon shall tell the consumers?


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Whirlpool washing machine customer care

Whirlpool washing machine customer care

Basically, these machines are of four different types. The first one is the Front Loader wherein the washable clothes can be put from the front door. This model comes with a Supreme Care Softmove technology which is a part of the 6th Sense line of modern technologies. The most important feature of this technology is the choice of 50 different types of washing options it provides for different types of fabrics in which clothing is made. This staggering number of options is what makes this special. And, if you do not about the fabric or are confused about it, the machine itself make intelligent choices and washes accordingly.

The second machine model is top loader, fully automatic, 360 degree Bloom Wash which makes use of the 6th Sense TumbleCare technology. This gives this machines a 360 degree motion like water in tumbler.

The Third model of also a top loader with a fully automatic functionality. It makes use of 6th Sense Ultra Clean technology which is capable of removing 25 difficult stains on clothes.

The fourth model is that of the semi-automatic one which is capable of removing 10 difficult types of stains from the clothes. It makes use of what is called Turbodry and Stainfree technologies.

By providing information and the respective advantages of these new innovations in whirlpool washing machines, the Whirlpool washing machine customer care in Gurgaon can help you in arriving at the right decision while buying it.

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